Sunday Service, May 31, 2020

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Praise & Worship

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Song 1:

“Lamb of God” by Vertical Church Band

Song 2:

“Resurrecting” by Elevation Worship

Song 3:

“Strength of My Life” by Vertical Worship

Song 4:

“Power to Redeem” by Lauren Daigle

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Pastoral Prayer

Today’s Sermon

*Download Outline (above) for “Going Deeper” questions and questions to use as a family!

Key Passage: Luke 18:9-14

Key Thoughts: Last week we asked, “Are you sorry?” We saw that repentance is a crucial factor in our salvation, but also in our walk of faith. Repentance must become a lifestyle if transformation is to occur in our new life with Christ. Today we want to look more closely at this key to our spiritual growth.

Repentance is not just the foundation of our faith; it is an on-going necessary exercise which enables us to follow God’s path of life and victory!

Songs of Response

“Restore My Soul”

by Vertical Worship

“Come Ye Sinners”

by Vertical Worship

“No Longer Slaves”

by Zach Williams

“Who You Say I Am”

by Hillsong

Playlist for the Week

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Be blessed in the Lord this week! While we cannot meet in the church, we are still the Church!

Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can serve you during this time.

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