Sunday School

Winter Quarter

 December 1, 2019 – February 23, 2020

Sunday School Class:

Cradle Roll (babysitting infants-2 yr olds) 
Judy Baca / Jackie Blanchard

Nursery (2 yr olds – PreK)
Tina Barto / Anmarie Shehata

K – Grade 2
Mary Slonaker-Antonides

Grades 3-6
Kasi Pick

Jr. / Sr. High
Pastor Darren

Adult Class: Discipleship: Is It Worth It?
Dave Auker / Bucky Ziegler

Adult Class: The Give & Take of the Blessed Life
Bill Wilhelm

Discipleship: Is It Worth It?

Teacher: Dave Auker / Bucky Ziegler

We hear the word “discipleship” tossed around regularly, but do we understand what it means? This quarter’s studies will examine the meaning and cost of true discipleship for believers and their relationship with the Lord. Unit I is called “Prelude to Discipleship,” and it looks back to the period of Jesus’ appearance on this earth. Unit II is a study of Jesus’ initial teachings to His disciples about what discipleship is. Unit III delves further into the demands of discipleship.

This quarter we will not only learn about the call of discipleship but also learn the extent of the authority of the One who calls. He calls us to live lives that are pleasing to Him.

The Give & Take of the Blessed Life

Teacher: Bill Wilhelm

God is in the blessing business. As His children, we have a birthright of blessing. However, we must position ourselves for those blessings. It encompasses a decision to make, a habit to form, and a mindset to establish. Topics in this study will include a Double Portion, Blessings in Disguise, and Living in Wonder.

But the above is only half of what the blessed life is. It is important that we find how to get blessings but equally important is how do we give blessings. Such subjects as Paying It Forward and Kingdom Calculations will be considered.

Want to be blessed and to be a blessing? Join us as we consider this life-changing topic.