While We Are Apart

Recent News and Updates

Important Announcements from our Pastors:

It is our pleasure to offer the first ever Drive-In Service at Watsontown Alliance Church, as well as Senior Recognition Night!

Sunday, June 7, 2020:

Drive-In Service: 10:00 AM

Senior Recognition Night: 7:00 PM

Resources for You and Your Family

Books & Online Resources

At Fuller Youth Institute, there are Podcasts, Articles, and Books to help you talk with your youth. The books are for sale. If you scroll down past the promotional material, you will find other topical resources!

One excellent example below:

Check on our Alliance Missionaries here!

Media Playlists

Pastors’ Contact Information:

Pastor Scott: pastorscott@ptd.net

Pastor Darren: pastordarren@windstream.net

Download this file for instructions to use Zoom: