Sunday School

Winter Quarter

 December 3, 2017 – February 25, 2018

Sunday School Class:

Cradle Roll

Nursery (2 & 3 yr olds)
Tina Barto / Anmarie Shehata

PreK – Grade 2
Sue Satteson

Grade 3 & 4
Kasi Pick

Grade 5 & 6
Linda Reitz

Jr. / Sr. High
Marianne Yohn

Adult Class: Just Walk Across the Room
Joshua McFalls

Adult Class: Lions, Lambs, and Ladies
Bill Wilhelm

Adult Class: The Deeper Life
Dave Auker

Just Walk Across the Room

by Bill Hybels

Teacher: Joshua McFalls

Do you ever want to start a conversation about Jesus, but don’t feel prepared? What if redirecting a person’s forever really is as simple as walking across a room? Bill Hybels introduces the next era in personal evangelism with a natural, relational approach that follows Jesus’ own example. Hybels invites you to step out of your “Circle of Comfort” and into encounters with people who long for someone to take an interest in them – men and women with stories to tell and hearts that yearn to experience God’s love reaching out to them. Find out how you can make a difference of an eternity for someone standing near you. It all starts with a walk across the room. In this class you will learn how to start intentional conversations, tell your testimony, and share Jesus with those you encounter in everyday life.

Lions, Lambs, and Ladies

Teacher: Bill Wilhelm

Last quarter we looked at simple illustrations that held deep spiritual truths with “Birds, Boats, and Boys”. This quarter will continue in this vein as we uncover eternal values buried in “ordinary” biblical accounts.

The Deeper Life

by Daniel Henderson

Teacher: Dave Auker

Plenty of books talk about living a deeper life. This one shows you how – how to truly discover the answers to life’s core questions and live them out in your thoughts, words, and actions. An acclaimed teacher on spiritual renewal, Daniel Henderson shares the principles & practices that are vital to a transformed life. He explains the longings that resonate in our souls, such as wanting to know God more fully, to know ourselves better, to spend our time on things that matter – and shows how to systematically apply them to daily decisions and long-term goals. As countless believers have already discovered, this approach will touch every part of your life and change the trajectory of your journey.